Destination GIOAN family cookery school in Hoi An

Come to our vietnamese cooking class and learn how to cook the dishes VietNam is

famous for, and are found on every family's table dishes like. Pho. Banh xeo. Pork


This isn't fusion cooking. This is traditional vietnamese cooking at its best. Balancing the

ying and yang of flovours- sweet and sour, hot and salty. Tasty but healthy food

Each region of VietNam has its own specialities. In the north, HaNoi is known for its PHO

aldente noodles and a hot clear beef broth, bursting with flavour from the fresh herbs.

This is traditionally eaten for breakfast, but good at any time of day.

The central regionhas an abundance of fried, steamed pancakes and dumplings they are

perfect dipped in fish sauce or shrimp paste. For example, BANH XEO sizzles when

cooking in the hot pan, giving this crispy golden pancake its name XEO XEO. 

In the south of VietNam the famous dishes are hot and sour soup with catfish, and

caramelised pork cooked in a clay pot. The southerner's sweet toothis reflected in their

cooking; marinading the pork with sugar, shallots, garlic, chilli and some extra caramel/

molasses for good measure!

Come to a GIoan cooking class to experience all these traditional flavour and more. Learn

how to make these dishes and take our family recipes home with you.

Offering cooking classes since 2003, our dedicated and train chefs Happy hanh, Vina are

looking forward to sharing their secrets with you. Click here to book online.

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